JC3D Portfolio Reel

A comprehensive portfolio reel, showcasing our work from the past decade. This will give you a great cross section of what we do…

Mountain House01

This is a sample architectural project. It's an animation example using unreal engine, a gaming engine used to produce photo-realistic real-time visualizations. The first half of the video is a directed camera sequence animation, similar to a traditional architectural walk-through animation using a rendering engine like Vray.  At 2:04, The second half is an interactive real-time walk-through, where the viewer can literally move around freely inside the space in real-time, seeing everything in photo-realistic HD.   Unreal Engine's Matinee editor was used to create the directed camera movement.  So everything happens inside Unreal Engine.  Waiting days for frame-by-frame rendering or expensive render farms are no longer a necessity. The architectural visualization possibilities using Unreal Engine are instantaneous, fantastic and limitless...

Bridge Demo Reel

This is a demo reel for the bridge projects I did visualizations for (stills and animation) while working as senior visualization artist at HDR, Inc.

Boston - Commonwealth Ave Construction Sequence Animation

This is a proposed construction sequence for the commonwealth Avenue bridge in Boston MA. The time line for the entire bridge renovation spans a few months, but the actual demolition and swapping of the new construction happens over a 10-day period. This construction sequence was ultimately not selected due to budgetary reasons, it was too expensive.

Churchland Bridge Animation(15)

This animation was used to bid on the Churchland Avenue Bridge renovation in Norfolk Virginia.  We won the job.


This is an animation for the Boston T Green Line.

68th Street MTA Subway Station

This is an animation of the NYC MTA Subway station at 68th Street in Manhattan, NY.

Tappan Zee Bridge Facilities Animation

This is an animation for the Tappan Zee Bridge Facilities located on the Westchester NY landing, which is on the East side of the Bridge.  This was part of the ongoing contract with the New York State Thruway Authority for rendering and animation during the construction process.  The TZ bridge is expected to be complete in 2018.