Mountain House01

This is a sample architectural project. It's an example of real-time visualization. The first half of the video is a directed camera sequence animation, similar to a traditional architectural walk-through animation using a rendering engine like Vray.  At 2:04, The second half is an interactive real-time walk-through, where the viewer can literally move around freely inside the space in real-time, seeing everything in photo-realistic HD.   Unreal Engine's Matinee editor was used to create the directed camera movement.  So everything happens inside Unreal Engine.  Waiting days for frame-by-frame rendering or expensive render farms are no longer a necessity. The architectural visualization possibilities using Unreal Engine are instantaneous, fantastic and limitless...

Realtime 3D Visualization for retail store Matinee Animation

This is a real-time interior visualization of a retail store in Hong Kong using UE4. Modeled and unwrapped in 3ds Max and ported to UE4. I used matinee to create the animation.

Realtime walkthrough of a retail store

This is a realtime visualization walk-through.  The scene was modeled in 3ds Max and ported to UE4 gaming engine.  It's an interactive walk-through, which is quite different from predirected camera fly through animations.   The viewer of a realtime animation has the ability to virtually walk through the space as if playing a video game.  In fact, a realtime visualization is literally a video game level designed around the client's project.  The difference is that most video games are optimized to cram a lot of information into the game, and so photorealism often takes a back seat to optimize the game so that it moves quickly with fast load times.  With realtime architectural visualization, the experience is the photorealism.  So there is no need to reduce the resolution.  It's not about speed and movement, it's about showing photorealistic architecture in real time, giving the viewer an experience of being there.